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The Healthcare Quality Coalition (HQC) represents healthcare providers and entities throughout the nation dedicated to providing high quality, cost effective care. Members of the HQC educate, support, and advance public policies that reform the delivery system to reward value-based care.


“The Healthcare Quality Coalition strives to transition healthcare delivery and payment from unsustainable volume-driven incentives to a value-based (higher quality, lower cost) system. The HQC advocates advancing healthcare payment policies that encourage high value care and appropriately compensate for outcomes through measureable quality and cost criteria.”

Members of The Healthcare Quality Coalition

By the Numbers

Healthcare Quality Coalition members represent hospitals, physicians, integrated health systems, and associations.

Hospitals: 102

Physicians: 19,500

Licensed hospital beds: 18,800

Outpatient/Clinical Visits: 17.1 million

Medical Clinics: 625

Counties served: 311

Total workforce: 217,500


The Healthcare Quality Coalition (HQC) began in 2009 as an ad-hoc group of healthcare providers advocating for changes to the healthcare delivery system that would incentivize value (higher quality, lower cost care). Through the advocacy efforts of member organizations and close working relationships with Members of Congress and their staff, the HQC aided and supported securing key provisions within the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) to begin laying the groundwork for Medicare payment reform. These provisions include the following:

Section 3007: Physician Value-Based Payment Modifier - policy aimed to develop a Medicare payment model to reimburse physician services based on quality and cost of care.

Section 3001: Hospital Value-Based Purchasing - builds on existing quality work to differentiate hospital payments based on performance.

Section 3102, 1108: Increases in Medicare Physician Reimbursement - provided temporary payment increases to low cost areas for physician services in Medicare related to geographic adjustment for practice expense.

Section 1009: Hospital Low-cost county payment - provided a one-time direct payment from CMS to hospitals in the lowest cost counties in Medicare (lowest quartile) that resulted in significant payments to many HQC members.

HHS Secretary Sebelius Administrative Agreement with House Quality Care Coalition: Studies on geographic variation and promotion of high value healthcare - Gained agreement between Congress and the Secretary of Health and Human Services to study current geographic adjustment policies for physicians and hospitals and expand to geographic variation in healthcare expenditures and how to promote policies of high value healthcare.

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