Position Statement

The Healthcare Quality Coalition (HQC) represents healthcare providers throughout the nation dedicated to the concept of value-based care.  This philosophy focuses on healthcare practices that promote measurable, high quality care.

In short, we believe healthcare entities should be held accountable for the quality and value provided to the patients and communities we serve.  

We are united in our view that healthcare reform should address more than just government payment systems and health insurance.  Reform should change the way health care entities are financed. 

Currently, too much money is wasted on unnecessary procedures because payment is driven by the amount of care provided, not the quality of that care.  Providers should be reimbursed for keeping patients healthy and coordinating their overall care.

An essential part of healthcare reform, and our ability to leverage value, is to correct current regional disparities in Medicare reimbursement.  Current unmerited regional disparities stifle overall quality and hinder incentives to promote more efficient care.

We believe competition and transparency are healthy.  Hospitals and physician groups that provide higher quality care, underscored by national measurement indices, should be provided financial incentives.  The outcome saves patients, employers and communities precious healthcare dollars – making our nation’s healthcare more affordable.

Quality in Healthcare

Many HQC members have demonstrated their ability to provide high quality care through measurable and comparison-based projects.   Examples include the Physician Group Practice Demonstration and the Healthcare Quality Incentive Demonstration both sponsored by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  Other HQC organizations have been recognized for providing high quality care while being responsible fiscal stewards of healthcare resources.

The members of the HQC are providers of high quality, coordinated healthcare, representing a wide range of communities and cultures, from very urban to very rural.  Our models of care serve as best-practice standards for national healthcare reform.

Base Payment on Quality not Volume

Healthcare systems that are part of our Coalition are among the most cost-efficient in the country in caring for Medicare patients. However, many operate in states with some of the lowest Medicare reimbursement rates in the nation. Current geographic disparities are actually greater under Medicare than under commercial insurance, proving to be an especially heavy financial burden to members with a large governmental plan payer mix. These disparities result from the fundamentally flawed Medicare payment methodology.  We support payment changes that work to reduce geographic disparities.

Develop New Payment Structure

HQC members are committed to developing a national strategy to improve the healthcare quality infrastructure:

  • Establish guidelines for Accountable Care Organizations 
  • Create an Innovation Center within CMS
  • Revise Medicare payment using value measured by patient safety, quality, cost and outcomes data (e.g., physician fee schedule, hospital rates).

We believe we can improve healthcare quality while simultaneously reducing the cost curve through a value-based payment system.  Building a healthcare system that compensates providers for quality healthcare outcomes will reduce costs, promote a healthier nation, and build a stronger, more cost-effective healthcare delivery system. 

With our cumulative track records of success, Coalition members stand ready to assist Congress in addressing these critical issues that will impact the health and well being of our nation for future generations.

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