Value-Based Care

Improve healthcare quality while reducing costs. That's value-based care. The HQC promotes better outcomes for patients' physical and financial well-being.

Why Value-Based Care?

Building a healthcare system that delivers stronger, more cost-effective care is the key to a healthier nation. The HQC is committed to making that system a reality through policy work and initiatives. HQC members deliver high quality, value-based care. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services regulate and implement several of those initiatives.

Value over Volume

Members of the HQC are among the most cost-effective in the country caring for Medicare patients, residing in states with the low Medicare reimbursement rates. The HQC supports payment changes to improve quality, lower cost, and narrow disparities resulting from a fundamentally flawed Medicare payment methodology. Coalition members believe it can and should be better, and are working to change policies accordingly.

Our portfolio of public policy issues encompass hospital and physician/clinician services.

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